International Logistics & Stone Distribution is a master distributor of Silestone®, the world’s finest quartz surface, manufactured by Cosentino. Silestone features built-in antimicrobial protection, which is not available in any other quartz surface, and has more than 90 colour options, the largest colour pallet available in natural quartz. In addition, ILSD distributes a multitude of stone products including Sensa granite, ECO recycled surface, natural stone, quartzite and Dekton. The distribution facility is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
ILSD warehouse

ILSD also provides experienced technical representation and comprehensive marketing and sales training seminars to its customers. We maintain outstanding relationships with the Kitchen & Bath, Retail, Design and Architectural communities working on various projects ranging from residential to commercial. ILSD is a full service operation dedicated to providing fast order turn around times and prompt delivery as well as friendly personalized service. From small to large-scale distribution operations we go above and beyond to help our customers simplify the way they do business.